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Business Leaders - How we can help

Whether you are a business owner, leader or manager – we understand how busy your role can be! We know most leaders want to do the best they can for their people, but sometimes finding the time can be challenging, with there being lots of competing priorities.


That is where we come in. As experts in mental health at work and colleague experience, we can be your People Partner to assess and support you as much or as little as required.


As a business owner myself, one thing I have learnt over the years is the importance of asking for help from industry experts. I love the people aspect of my job, but don’t ask me to fix an IT issue! Bringing in other experts to support with certain things has been a game-changer. And what is more important than your people…


We know all organisations and circumstances are different, so we have an initial meeting (with no obligation) to get a better understanding of your situation and objectives, as well as to see if we are a good fit for each other. There are many different activities this could include, with a few of the key services highlighted in more detail below:


Mental Health First Aid Training (In-house)

  • Regulated training which empowers colleagues to support themselves and others.

Leadership Coaching

  • Practical & behavioural changes which focus leadership on inspiring others through people focused actions.

Mental Health Awareness Training

  • Interactive e-learning for all colleagues which increases awareness and reduces stigma.

Colleague Experience & Operational Performance Audit

  • An in-depth review of the current position, with a view to implementing changes which improve overall engagement and performance.


Looking for some guidance? Need more information? No problem! Just drop us an email and we'll get right back to you.

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