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Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you will find a list of the most commonly asked questions. If your query isn't addressed here, please don't hesitate to contact us at 

Are level 2 and level 3 courses accredited?

All of our Mental Health First Aid training courses are accredited and regulated with the official awarding and education bodies, including SQA and Ofqual. There are 2 levels of Mental Health First Aid training that we provide - Level 2 and 3 provide training to become qualified as a Mental Health First Aider. Both levels 2 & 3 are excellent courses, and either are suitable depending on your requirements.


How is the course delivered?

We provide three training options,

a) distance learning via our online training portal,

b) in-house training sessions (for all levels) where we deliver this training via Zoom (or other video technology as preferred) to attendees from one organisation, and

c) same as b) but delivered in person as a venue chosen by you. We are all very excited to be able to do face to face training again!


What is included in the in-house training?

We pride ourselves on delivering a full, in-depth and engaging learning experience and therefore for all of our accredited Mental Health First Aid training, delivered virtually or in person, we provide the following to all attendees:

- In person or Zoom (video) live and interactive group training sessions

- 6 months access to the full training course online via our online training portal. This training is fully narrated and tutor-led and therefore provides both audio and visual learning.

- A 96-page Mental Health First Aid Handbook (either a hard copy by post or an e-manual).

- Assessment with a qualified trainer/assessor to confirm learning and an opportunity to ask any additional questions.

- A recognised qualification.

- A certificate of qualification.


We also provide an optional extra (at no additional cost) of pre-training and post-training short questionnaires for attendees, which will help us understand their current levels of knowledge and confidence in relation to Mental Health, as well as allow us to provide you with an indication post training of how effective the training has been in increasing knowledge and confidence levels.


How are the ‘in house’ sessions delivered? Is it in person or virtual sessions?

Both! These can be delivered virtually, but we are delighted to be able to again offer these in-house sessions in-person. We can come to your offices or deliver via Zoom, depending on what is preferred by the client.


Do you have availability to deliver this training?

For in-house learning, we can be flexible and coordinate dates that suit you and your organisation. For distance learning, this can start at any time.


What is the cohort size you allow?

For in-person training the maximum size allowed by the regulators per cohort is 16 people. For this same training delivered virtually, the maximum allowed in one cohort is 20. However, we recommend that 16 is a good number as a maximum, so that it allows all attendees the opportunity to engage and ask questions etc, but we are happy to deliver training up to 20 colleagues per cohort, depending on the wishes of the client.


What is the price per cohort?

The price varies depending on the level of training undertaken, the format and the number of attendees etc. Please contact us to discuss your requirements at


Why should we work with NewbyCore over other training providers?

We are highly reputable and considered as experts in our field. In addition to training, we also offer other services in relation to ongoing support and other actions in relation to Mental Health at work.


Do you offer any non-regulated Mental Health training for all colleagues?

Yes, we have recently introduced a new online Mental Health Awareness training course for all colleagues. This is something that we have created to offer affordable and accessible Mental Health training to organisations. Whilst this is not a regulated training course, the materials and content are of the same high standards. Whilst absolutely you would want a proportion of your colleagues trained in Mental Health First Aid, this awareness training is a good way to ensure that all staff have some training in Mental Health. We have kept this as affordable as possible, and therefore is priced at between £10 & £30 per person (between these two amounts depending on numbers signed up).

The training course is fully narrated as well as containing videos and some short exercises. The estimated time to complete the training is circa 2.5 - 3 hours but this can be done quicker or take longer depending on the individual. Once the course is completed, each learner will receive a certificate of completion. We can even dual-brand the online training with the client’s logo. 

We offer full access to the training course for 6 months and each colleague can visit the course as many times as they like, which allows for each individual to learn at their own pace and in their own preferred way. For example, this approach supports those who prefer to complete the training in one sitting, and those that prefer to do so over several shorter sessions.  

We can provide the relevant colleague within an organisation with free access for 7 days to our online Mental Health Awareness training course before committing further. Contact us to arrange. 

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