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Regulated training courses delivered in-house by our expert trainers:


  • First Aid

  • Health & Safety

  • Manual Handling

  • Safeguarding

  • Food Safety

  • Fire Safety

We love people! And have a great belief that the success of an organisation is most influenced by the happiness and wellbeing of their colleagues. As Richard Branson once famously said, ‘if you look after your people, your people will look after your customers’.


So simple, yet so true.


There are many services we provide, some of which are detailed below:


Leadership Coaching


“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”  - Albert Einstein


Without getting too much in to the nitty gritty of neuroscience, it has been proven that we all see the world slightly differently. We might all go to the same concert together, but our experience could be very different.


Why is this relevant? Well, it helps us to understand that there may not always be a single version of the truth, and to be great leaders we need to better understand the experience of others.


Our passion is helping leaders to achieve great commercial success as a direct result of being people-centric leaders who prioritise the wellbeing and happiness of their colleagues. It is as simple as that!


This service can be tailored to meet the needs of your leadership team – however, for context, an outline of what this could look like below:

Part 1

  • A group session looking at the current landscape, including any areas of conflict, challenges and objectives

  • Individual coaching sessions

  • Collective creation of a strategic action plan to achieve mutual goals

Part 2 (at an agreed timeframe after Part 1)

  • A group session looking at the new landscape, assessing the impact of any changes made.

  • Individual coaching sessions

  • Review the progress of the strategic action plan and revise as appropriate


With extensive leadership experience in multiple fields, as well as qualifications in business management and psychology, Scott Newby, provides an impartial view, as well as clear goals that enable sustainable change that leaders will live and breathe, long after we have worked with you.


Mental Health at Work Action Plan


Sometimes the hardest part of any new activities is knowing where to start! There is a lot of great training, processes and actions that can make a huge difference to colleague wellbeing, and whilst doing any positive activity is a good thing, the benefit will be maximised through a coordinated and strategic approach.


We will work with you to either create a new Mental Health at Work Action Plan, or help evaluate and adapt an existing plan you have in place.


Having worked with many clients, we have a rich amount of ideas and initiatives which we have seen to be successful. Part of our role, is to put measures in place so we can assess the progress of actions undertaken, as well as providing an external level of accountability.


All of our services are tailored to the client needs, but below are a few examples of some of the areas we may look at as part of this action plan:


  • Mental Health First Aid Training

  • Wellbeing events

  • Employee engagement surveys

  • E-learning modules

  • One to one coaching sessions

  • Cultural change


Colleague Experience & Operational Performance Audit


‘We don’t know, what we don’t know!’


A very true statement – without understanding the current position, how do we know whether the actions/changes we are making are the right ones?


With a successful background in colleague experience and operational excellence, Scott combines the two, to undertake a full audit to assess the current benchmark, as well as identifying areas of strength and areas for improvement.


Working closely with the client, this audit will include a variety of actions, such as reviewing people and performance data, liaising with the leadership team, and engaging in conversations and focus groups with colleagues.

This holistic audit process will be transformed into a report which will be played back to the leadership team, with a clear focus on next steps. This often feeds very nicely into the Mental Health at Work Action Plan too.


Book Scott to Speak


Scott is an engaging speaker, who has delivered many talks on topics such as mental health, his own journey, and positivity in moving forward in life.


Scott has the natural talent of being both relatable and likeable, and always leaves his audience enlightened and inspired.


Scott has been the main speaker at many events, webinars (online and in person) and internal conferences. Scott also has experience of hosting panels and being a master of ceremony.


For more information and to see if Scott would be a good fit for your event, then please contact us.

Looking for some guidance? Need more information? No problem! Just drop us an email and we'll get right back to you.

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